Do & Don’ts

  • ATTITUDE : Respect, Be Nice. 99% people of Aceh is Muslim, nice and tolerance people. Aceh is a gate of Islam for Indonesia, a hundred years ago before, Aceh is 5th biggest Islamic Kingdom in The World, there is no Indonesia, Indonesia is just born from 1945 and Aceh have big contribution for Independence of Indonesia. Aceh have special rule like no other place in Indonesia. That is Islamic Rule but this rule only for Muslim not for non muslim. So, we just hope Respect from you as we respect when we go and follow your rule in your country. Thank you for your respect and understand our islamic role and culture.
  • CLOTHES : Woman, do not use tanktop. For Woman, long dress is better, dont use short pants for man and woman. For woman, its not allowed to wear bikini. For Muslim woman you have to use Jilbab/Hijab. For Non Muslim, you don’t have to. But its ok if you want to use Scarf to close your head, you can more closely with people.
  • DRINK : The government forbid alcohol
  • FOOD : Muslim not eat pork, so there is no pork meat in Aceh. In Aceh, we have goat meat, beef, chicken and lot of fish, you will love it.

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